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The Teamleader tale.

What began as a small company founded by three students grew into a sprawling software company with over 200 colleagues. You’re probably wondering; but how?! 

Ready for a short but powerful trip through Teamleader history? Let's go!

The year is 2012. Three student entrepreneurs see a gap in the market. Under the slogan "working smarter," they want to help entrepreneurs waste as little time as possible on administration so they can focus on their passion. More business, less hassle. The solution: now Teamleader Focus - then under the illustrious name RGBSCAPE - sees the light of day. Soon the trio manages to convince the first customers. With the first commercial successes, the call for reinforcement also grows louder. And so - not long after the founding - the first employee came on board. 

Teamleader goes international.

In May 2014, the first investor came on board: Fortino Capital of Duco Sickinghe, former top executive of Telenet. Teamleader raises €1 million in its first capital round. 

With this financial boost, Teamleader shifts up another gear. Meanwhile, Teamleader ventures beyond the Belgian borders and now provides its services in English, French, Spanish and Italian. Fantastico! Additional employees are being hired to keep up with the scorching pace of the fast-growing software company.

The first acquisition.

In 2019, Teamleader welcomed its 10,000th customer and in April that same year, Teamleader made its first acquisition with the Belgian software company Yadera - now called Teamleader Orbit - in order to simplify the work of even more entrepreneurs. 

To better reach Teamleader Orbit's target audience, Teamleader is launching 'Agency Life' in early 2021. The content series is now in its fourth season in Belgium. Episodes are also available in the Netherlands, France and Germany and still going strong! 

Work Smarter.

Every year we organize 'Work Smarter': our flagship event to bring entrepreneurs together and to inspire them to .. you guessed it right! Work smarter! Last year (and also this year!) we packed 't Kuipke and Floraliënhal in Ghent and brought a total of 40 speakers on 7 different stages. We welcomed more than 1,500 attendees. 

Our passion for entrepreneurship drives everything we do, and we're constantly striving to become the number one work management software in Europe. Our software grew organically and rapidly as we listened to our customers and continued to innovate, becoming the number one work management tool in Belgium and beyond. 

Teamleader, now part of the Visma group.

Vectera, our now customer-add on to easily schedule and hold your online video meetings, was acquired in 2022 and the perfect add-on for our two software tools. Now even more business and much less hassle! 

2022 also marks the year that we became part of the warm Visma family, a Norwegian software company which now has more than 200 companies under its wing. Visma serves a total of more than 1 million customers in Scandinavia, the Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. As a member of the Visma group, Teamleader has access to a lot of additional expertise, resources and experience. Everything to make our software even better and our customers even smarter. 

"In case you haven't taken a closer look at the Teamleader logo yet: it's based on origami, the ancient Japanese art of folding. Just as an ordinary sheet of paper can be transformed into something attractive, our easy-to-use software allows you to transform ordinary data into something more useful." 

Jeroen De Wit

CEO & Founder

Fastforward the now and the future:  

With a customer-oriented attitude and a team of over 200 colleagues spread across the globe and working from our offices in Ghent, Amsterdam or remote, we've already helped more than 15,000 European entrepreneurs sell, bill, and organize in one place, resulting in more business and less hassle. As a fast-growing company, we understand the challenges entrepreneurs face every day, and we're committed to helping them work smarter with our software. 

What started as an anonymous start-up in 2012 is one of the number one business software in the European market today. And it’s only the beginning!