Senior React Developer

  • Engineering
  • Ghent, Belgium

Senior React Developer

Job description

Our team

The product & engineering team is where we turn problems into solutions. Our small, autonomous teams are in in a constant cycle of identifying what's keeping our customers from their actual work, coming up with solutions and putting those at their fingertips. Once shipped, we listen, adapt and then take on the next challenge!

Our stack

Our main language is English, but Javascript is a close second. We keep up to date so we can make use of the latest features & improvements.


  • We love Docker & use it everywhere: from the local development setup to our AWS production environment!

  • Our legacy codebase is lovely blend of mixed with some HTML and a Javascript topping, but...

  • … all the new stuff is built on our own API with React & Redux.

  • We don't waste time re-inventing the weel. Npm, all jokes aside, is our friend!

  • We have a big monolith in the center, but are splitting up both back- and frontend in microservices

  • We’re big CI fans! Linting & tests have kept quite some bugs off our production environment 

What you'll do

As a Senior Javascript developer, you'll initially join one of our teams and help them to deliver great things.

  • After adapting to the way the team works, you make suggestions to improve the process

  • You’ll use your experience to pinpoint bugs, identify risk and come up with potential solutions

  • Active participation in technical discussions, both within your team as well as with other teams to come up with solutions for common problems.

  • Coaching more junior developers through pair programming sessions, code review,...

  • You write SOLID, clean and maintainable code, obviously covered by a bunch of tests.

  • With your open mind, you keep learning from your colleagues, no matter how junior they are. At Teamleader, everybody brings something to the table!


As part of an agile team, you analyse our customer’s problems and come up with the best possible solution. You take an active role in every aspect of software development: the SCRUM activities, grooming, technical analysis and of course: writing code.


  • You take ownership of your work. You put your teeth in it, from analysis to deploy!

  • You bring some experience in managing & scaling web applications, preferably with a stack comparable to ours.

  • You also know what you don't know and want to make that list shorter, asap!

  • You communicate clearly and can handle some feedback.

  • You are able to express yourself fluently in English, both in writing and verbally.

  • Oh, and you’re nice because nice people are cool.