Sales Development Representative - Dutch Market

  • Sales
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sales Development Representative - Dutch Market

Job description

  • Role: Sales Development Representative / Business Development Representative 
  • Scope: Generating sales growth for Teamleader Orbit in the Flemish/Dutch speaking markets. 
  • Level: junior/medior
  • Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  
  • Timing: asap

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As a Sales Development Representative at Teamleader: 

You'll have a key role in our Teamleader Orbit sales cycle. While generating potential leads and following up on them, you'll be speaking with entrepreneurs (mainly agencies) in the SMB and mid-segment market on a daily basis. 

  • Your mission is to move more leads through the sales funnel (circa 20 days). 
  • You will explore ways to generate sales growth.
  • You inspire business owners to digitalise their workflow. You are free in the way you handle this (phone calls, social selling, mails, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.). We will provide you with the tools and training to excel at this job. 
  • You will work closely together with our Account Executives and Strategy Consultants as you will schedule demos for them and brief them in the most efficient way possible so that you can work towards your common goal: help companies to work smarter. Read more about our happy clients :). 
  • You will also be working together with the marketing team to help them identify and pursue the right targets and prospects. 

When you start working you will get an in-depth training. You learn everything about us, our story, your colleagues, our workflow-tool and you get an in-depth sales onboarding too. Learning by doing, that is our motto. You will be part of a team that loves to work together, help each other, share insights and achieve success. Before you know it, you will be giving demos to potential customers and we will celebrate your first deal together! 


You'd be a great fit if you:

  • love to talk with entrepreneurs about their business and identify their needs as to their workflow and business processes. Mainly, we focus on agencies (marketing agencies, digital agencies and IT companies). We want you to get to know and understand the entrepreneurs you’re talking to. You have a genuine interest in their market and you want to help our leads to work smarter.
  • have experience in sales. It's a plus but not a requirement. Preferably, you know a thing or two about B2B outbound sales, Customer Relationship Management. 
  • strongly believe in technology and have affinity with cloud-based applications. 
  • are a good listener and you’re able to ask the right questions. You can put yourself in the customers’ shoes and make the buyer feel understood. Your main customers will be business owners, administration officers, operation managers, project managers or finance managers. Your goal is to build a relationship with them and earn their trust.
  • are eager to learn and proactive. You need to be able to try different approaches, think innovative and change strategies if necessary.
  • You're fluent in Dutch and English.

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