React Developer - Lisbon

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React Developer - Lisbon

Job description

Developing at Teamleader is all about creating something you are proud of, rather than doing some quick coding. Each and every team member is involved in making product and technical decisions from day 1. We don’t just write code, we also review, refactor and improve.

At Teamleader we realise nobody knows everything. As a team, we complement each other. This means that you may ask for help today and coach others tomorrow. It helps if you know Javascript, but we are looking for someone who can write elegant, maintainable code in the first place. “Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it” is a phrase you understand and apply. This means you don’t mind to untangle some legacy code before you tackle the issue at hand.

Your day at Teamleader 

We prefer to do it the right way and build good quality code rather than writing code as fast as we can. The management understands what technical debt is and allows the team to refactor when necessary. And even though you’re a developer, at Teamleader you are not behind your screen all day, interaction and feedback are very important factors that make our culture.

We’re not going to lie: we definitely have some legacy code you’ll have to axe your way through from time to time, but because of our microservice architecture, we are still able to work with the latest technologies and play with the latest innovations.

You take ownership and are proud of your work. This means you take initiative in pushing your own code to production and, if you want, present your work at the next demo meeting. You respect your colleagues and love to collaborate. This is reflected in the valuable feedback you provide when reviewing someone else’s code or pair programming. We prefer long term focus over short term fixes. We have a good idea on where we want to be in the far-future, and we go there step by step.

Every seven weeks we have Guild Week. A week in which we mix up the teams and focus on processes and tools in order to improve our product. During this week, we fix the things that held us back and prep for any trouble we foresee in the future.

We are lively, not corporate

Teamleader is not your average “do this do that” IT company: the development team is more of a company within the company. The management trusts its decisions, which allows the team to make a real impact on development and product decisions. Fun fact: we deploy 15 times a week and you get a budget to visit our teams in Ghent, Lisbon and Amsterdam.

Looking for a fun, open and stimulating work environment? The quest is over: at Teamleader you get the time and budget to develop yourself at conferences and meetups and enjoy sliding work hours. We really push ourselves to give each and every employee the best possible work-life balance. And let’s not forget the afterwork activities - like a workshop in public speaking - Cava (or beer) Friday and the international fold-ups.


Is it you we are looking for? / Who are you? 

Teamleader is a CRM tool and we are aware that doesn’t sound like rocket science. Still, before you know, you will find yourself in a vivid discussion about terminology, domain models and how to do things right. The product you work on makes the daily business of 11.000+ working professionals easier; your work has a direct impact.

You know how to write SOLID, clean and maintainable code, obviously covered by a bunch of tests. For all other things, there is room and time to learn from your colleagues.