QA Test Designer - Ghent | Lisbon

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  • Ghent, Belgium

QA Test Designer - Ghent | Lisbon

Job description

As a test designer at Teamleader it is all about delivering something you are proud of. Delivering quality can only work when you have been involved in the process from start to finish. You help teams think proactively about what and how to test new and existing features. At the end of the process, you’re the one everyone in the team counts on to give a feature a final go.

You put all your time and energy in quality. You’re the key partner for ensuring a perfect symbiosis between the product team, engineering team and QA. Together you strive for the perfect product. You make sure all team members don’t go crazy in releasing, but you’re responsible to only release when you know it’s unbreakable.

Your day at Teamleader

First things first: as soon as you come in, you check the dashboard. How smooth did the overnight test jobs run? You meet up with a Product Owner and development team to plan a new sprint. Together with the team you decide what the next feature is and what tests the team needs to do or what will be developed in the upcoming weeks. You review the stories again to add or review the acceptance criteria if needed. At the coffee machine, you bump into a developer. During smalltalk you discover you both have second thoughts about a decision you made last week. Pro-active as you are, you immediately take action by tapping the PO on the shoulder.

After lunch, you meet up with 2nd-line support to check on any quality problems and analyse what test coverage is lacking where and take actions to fill the gap. Later that day you put on your crazy hat and perform some out-of-the-box scenarios to see how the application reacts. Based on your test experience you update the automation UI scenarios in the codeless machine learning tool to increase its coverage if needed. When you experience any bugs or malfunctions, you write a detailed report about it to follow up on.

We are dynamic, not corporate

Teamleader is a fast-growing company with a one-of-a-kind company culture, home to an energetic bunch of people. Our HQ office is situated in a thriving location, Dok Noord close to the city center in Ghent. Our very own kitchen crew, chef Simona and Gerlinde, prepares sumptuous meals every day. We regularly take some time away from the office for team building activities to bond and mingle. This is your chance to join a team of seasoned experts and young, ambitious professionals that believe in the power of continuous learning and self-development.


Who are you? 

When testing, you empathize with the users and fully understand how they use our product. At the right moment, you are a pessimist and very eager to go to the extremes: you will do everything to break the system to make sure it does not break on the user’s end.

You speak English fluently (professional level) and possess great communication skills - both in person as in writing. This gives you the ability to provide the teams with an explanation when specific problems occur. You have attention for detail and you like to take things into your own hands and just make them happen. You have interest in testing methodologies, test data generation and root-cause analysis.