Operations Engineer Yadera (Dutch - English)

  • Customer Success
  • Ghent, Belgium

Operations Engineer Yadera (Dutch - English)

Job description

Why You - Customers Matter

Most customers become nothing more than lines in a CRM after they sign, which is something that you cannot stand. You know what it feels like. Poor service, subpar or plain wrong answers, getting “passed around” or someone on the other line that doesn’t understand nor empathizes with your challenges. It drives you up the walls. It shouldn’t be like that.

Well, we agree. In our subscription business we take the upfront risk and the responsibility to prove to a customer that renewing their contract with us is not really a question. It’s the logical next step because they get so much value out of our products.  And when they run into trouble or have questions, they can expect top-notch solutions. Maybe from you?

A Day In The Life Of An Operations Engineer - A Swiss Knife

You are the point of contact in the post-sales process of Yadera. A mighty fine Teamleader product that you are proud of. Most of your work is done behind a computer, with modern technology like Zoom and Slack, that are second nature to you. At the same time, an occasional F2F meeting with a CFO, Operations Director, or Project Manager is a nice variation.

Customers like getting in touch with you because you are a valuable person to speak to. You solve technical problems and are very skilled with SQL, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but are not afraid to talk business either. The areas you’re not great at yet, you absorb and learn about quickly. You're eager to know the Yadera product like the back of your hand and to discuss it with your technical colleagues as well.

As the first new hire in this department you start to optimize processes after a few months of your own onboarding and you should feel comfortable owning all processes. You like being held accountable for results and KPIs and are always thinking on how to improve things for the customer, the employees, and the company.

Who We Are - A Swiss Knife Pocket

Yadera, acquired by Teamleader in 2019, is run by a small <10 group of people with big ambitions; a start-up within a scale-up. While Teamleader, founded in 2012 in Ghent, focuses on small businesses by offering an all-in-one solution for CRM, project management and invoicing, Yadera focuses specifically on medium to large agencies. By joining forces, we became the best choice for any professional service business, big or small, that aims to automate and simplify work.

Our group is fast-growing with a strong company culture, home to an energetic bunch of people. The Teamleader HQ office is situated in a thriving location, Dok Noord, close to the city center in Ghent. At the office, our very own kitchen crew prepares delicious meals and we regularly take some time away from the office to bond and mingle. Today, in Corona times, we’re fully operational and working 100% remotely. This is your chance to join a team of ambitious professionals.


You have

  • Full proficiency in Dutch and English. French is a plus, but not key
  • Highly actionable knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL
  • Understanding of software development and the ability to speak comfortably with developers
  • Experience in an operations, professional service or agency environment (probably 4+ years)
  • Experience with accounting and finance is a plus, but not key
  • No problem having challenging conversations with CFOs, Operations directors, project managers, and end users
  • Proven ability to absorb knowledge quickly, work independently, self-correct and take initiative
  • A potential appetite to coach future hires. This is not a key requirement
  • Written a motivation letter, because you appreciate thoroughness