Full Stack Developer

  • Engineering
  • Lisboa, Portugal

Full Stack Developer

Job description

Our team

The product & engineering team is where we turn problems into solutions. Divided in small independent teams, we are in a constant cycle of identifying what’s keeping our customers from their actual work, coming up with solutions and putting those at their fingertips. Once shipped, we listen to their feedback, adapt and then look at what else we can do to help them!

Our stack

In theory, we try to pick the best tool for the trade. In practice, we use PHP for most of our backend development and React on the frontend. We keep up to date so we can make use of the latest features & improvements.

  • We love containers & use them everywhere: from the local development setup using docker to Kubernetes in our production environment.
  • Our legacy codebase is just vanilla PHP with some HTML & JavaScript in the mix but have no fear: all the new stuff is built with an API first approach (using Slim framework and whichever libraries we find best fit for the job) and a React frontend.
  • Microservices aren’t the holy grail, but we are introducing them where we feel they make sense.
  • Add some Redis, Elasticsearch, MySQL, RabbitMQ … to spice things up
  • We’re big CI fans! Our automated tests have saved us numerous times!

What you'll do

    As a Senior developer, you’ll join one of our teams and help them to deliver great things.

    • Once you get used to the Teamleader way of doing things, you make suggestions to improve the process and code quality.
    • You’ll use your experience to pinpoint bugs, identify risk and come up with potential solutions
    • Participation in technical discussions, both within your team as well as with other teams to come up with solutions for common problems.
    • Coaching more junior developers through pair programming sessions, code review... or just by asking them the right questions.

    Not part of the job description but still really important.

    You radiate the friendly, positive, can-do mentality that Teamleaders are known for, both inside and outside the company walls. You can give feedback in a polite, positive way and you can handle some feedback as long as it’s given in the same way. You embrace diversity, inclusivity and equality. Basically, you’re nice. Because nice people are cool.

    Even though you’re free to work from home most of the time, you’re happy (some would even call it eager) to come to our lovely office in Ghent, Lisbon or Amsterdam at least once a week.


    Who you are

    As part of an agile team, you try to understand our customers’ problems and come up with the best possible solution. You participate in every aspect of software development: the SCRUM activities, backlog refinement, technical analysis and of course: writing code.

    • You bring some experience in managing & scaling web applications, preferably with a stack comparable to (part of) ours.
    • DDD, SOLID… If you don’t know these acronyms, at least you have that “oh, obviously!” feeling when you read what they stand for.
    • You value your work highly. You strive to deliver the best you have in you, from the first line of code up to deploying your work!
    • But you also know how and when to stop, collaborate and listen. You know there’s no shame in asking for help and learning from others when you get stuck. And that your team’s collective brain is bigger than yours alone.
    • You communicate clearly and open. When things are harder or more work than anticipated, you escalate early so the team can adapt the plan if needed.
    • You value code quality greatly but that doesn’t stop you from finding pragmatic solutions. As long as they don’t jeopardize said quality, that is.
    • You are able to express yourself fluently and friendly in English, spoken and written